Wednesday, April 17, 2019

8 tips for protecting your small business from phishing attacks

8 tips for protecting your small business from phishing attacks
Phishing continues to be a top exploit for small business breaches, and companies should take notice. Of the 360,000 spear phishing email attacks examined over a three-month period, the most common types were brand impersonation (83%) and business email compromise (11%). Such breaches can be leveraged to steal payment and personal information.
Here are some best practices for protecting your business:
1) Take advantage of AI
2) Don’t rely solely on traditional security
3) Deploy account-takeover protection
4) Use multi-factor authentication
5) Conduct proactive investigations
6) Train staffers to recognize and report cyber-attacks (with BullPhish ID!)
7) Conduct proactive investigations
8) Maximize data-loss prevention

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

In other news:

Why small businesses struggle with cybersecurity best practices
A recent report unveiled that almost 70% of companies have cybersecurity best practices in place but neglect to take the necessary steps for securing their business. The new study by ESET and Kingston Digital that surveyed 500 British business leaders also found that 44% do not even secure devices with anti-virus software, exposing themselves to cyber threats and GDPR fines.
The reason? A disconnect between the procurement teams responsible for providing equipment, IT teams who implement guidelines, and employees who follow them. To shift the paradigm, security professionals must work closely with other departments to avoid silos and use the right tools to ensure employee adherence.

Monday, April 15, 2019

New Microsoft support scam - be aware

An automated call to let you know Microsoft can no longer support your computer and you are due a refund. Then they ask you to call a number to get your refund.....

Do not call the number, they are attempting to scam money from you.. please make other aware.

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